Frequently Asked Questions


The average couple waits 6 years in distress before reaching out for help. 

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Can Couples Therapy Actually Help?

Couples who seek help are more likely to acknowledge their partners needs as well as their own. Couples who learn how to do this through practical skill building sessions learn how to become masters at navigating conflict in their relationship. This leads to deeper levels of connection and intimacy. 

I don't want to be blamed 

Couples come to their first session with different worries. Worry number one is that somehow they are going to get the blame. We don't work out of a blame model. Relationships are between two flawed people. We get it. We will help you and your partner navigate away from the blame game and into practical tools that deepen understanding and increase your ability to work together.   

We feel like we failed 

You haven't. If you are herer it means you are still working. 

"Someone else's love story is never going to be yours. True love is woven out of honoring and understanding each other's unique gifts, vulnerabilities, and eccentricities. Your journey is not going to be like any other couple's and that's how it should be." - Dr. Gottman

My partner is not sure 

Maybe you found this site while looking for information about saving your marriage. You feel ready, but you are afraid your partner is not. This might be the first time or the hundredth time you ask them to join you.  

We offer free consultations and workshops as well as referrals for individual therapy. 

Do you take insurance

Yes. Kevin accepts most insurances. Corenia offers out of network services and can provide you with a receipt. 

Do you have evening appointment times?

Yes. We offer hours Monday through Friday with evening sessions available. 

How often do you RECOMMEND coming? 

We assess and work with couples based on their unique strengths and areas of conflict to create a recommendation. Often couples start with weekly or bi-weekly sessions. 

Really? You Are both therapists?

Yes! We are really both therapists. We are unique; as being not only in the profession of therapy, but also sharing a passion for helping to equip couples with tools that connect and strengthen their relationships. 

We have been together over a decade, and like you have faced challenges of all sorts and sizes. We get it. Relationships not only take work they take practical tools. 

Should I attend a Workshop first?

Workshops are great for couples new to marriage, new to the topic of counseling, and for couples who need a little refresher. Workshops are a great start. You are welcome to join a workshop, or couples counseling whenever feels right for you as a couple.

Do you RECOMMEND resources?

Yes. We are always reading, listening and watching the latest works pertaining to relationships and couples. We have an ever growing list which you can find on our blog site with links to listen, read or purchase.  

What do you BELIEVE?

You may have noticed that both of our degrees where earned at institutions with faith affiliations. This can either bring comfort or concerns. 

We believe in relationship. We believe in our couples and their ability to create meaningful lives together. We work with all couples. You are welcome here. 

Where are you located?

Located in Bellingham, within steps of popular downtown restaurants and shops.  

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